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Mileage for the day

187 miles traveled. Odometer reading: 30,394.


Buzz’s Roost

We dined on the rooftop, which was pleasant to look out at the harbor. This place had a typical menu serving wings, sandwiches, and salads, nothing exciting. The beers were all your general domestics. Good view, decent food, all and all a nice lunch.

Tokyo Japanese Restaurant

Your basic Japanese restaurant, nothing fancy. They cook the hibachi in the back, the food is good and filling.

Comfort Inn

Our room had a larger bathroom that we are used to, which was nice and the TV had a VCR to play all of our favorite video cassette tapes! :)

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My legs are worn out from all the walking around Chucktown (Carolyn). #charleston We shall meet again, Holy City. #thoseguys

Journal Entry

After getting caught up on a little bit of work this morning, we were on the road and headed north at around 10:00AM. Our goal was to finish out the rest of the South Carolina coast today, and we accomplished just that!

Our first stop was at the Hampton Plantation which was on the north end of the Francis Marion National Forest. This plantation was a bit off the beaten track and resulted in a quick trip because of the mosquito population. We couldn’t stand still for more than 30 seconds and we often were dancing and running like maniacs to dodge the plague. When we did stop to admire the house, it was indeed worth admiring. I thought the live oak in front of the house was quite a sight. This monster tree named the George Washington Oak was saved by George Washington and planted on the Hampton Plantation while visiting in 1791.

We then made our way into Georgetown, a quaint and old town located on the Winyah Bay, the merge of the Sampit River, the Waccamaw River, and the Great Pee Dee River. We had a brief lunch at a restaurant called the Buzz’s Roost which had a back deck that overlooked part of the Georgetown Harbor. I enjoyed seeing the older fishing and shrimping boats. I really love the way they photograph.

After leaving the not so crowded Georgetown, we all buckled down and knew that Myrtle Beach was in the horizon. I had a brief trip down memory lane while driving through Pawley’s Island, where my family and friends used to frequent for summer vacations.

We all knew that Myrtle Beach is a large part of the South Carolina coast’s culture, so it felt wrong to bypass the area entirely. Our resentment for the area is largely due to the massive crowds and explosion of hotels and chain EVERYTHING. For many people, this is a haven, but for our tastes, we couldn’t have been further from our idea of any sort of haven. So, we attached the GoPro camera to the top of the car and took a trip down Ocean Avenue. This video will make an appearance in the near future…hopefully.

We rode Hwy 17 as far north as we could before running into North Carolina, and hooked a left (obviously) to make our way to Dillon where we have crashed for the night. Tomorrow, we will be starting our zigzagging and working our way west into Columbia.

Goodnight for now. Enjoy your weekend!


Videos & Photos

Tree Hugger

Ant hugging what is knows as the Washington Oak on Hampton Plantation’s property. This live oak tree was saved by President Washington and is over 200 years old.

Hampton Plantation

The original structure of Hampton Plantation was built in the 1740s in the style of Georgian architecture, with two wings added in the 1760s and the portico added in 1791. Hampton operated as a huge rice plantation off the Wambaw Creek.

Washington Oak

President Washington made a visit to Hampton Plantation during his Southern Tour. During his stay he saved this live oak tree from being cut down in front of the home.

Have A Seat

A bench sitting in the sun on the grounds at Hampton Plantation. Don’t sit still too long or the mosquitoes will have their way with you.


Archways underneath the house at Hampton Plantation. The home was built in the style of Georgian architecture with the raised basement running the full length of the home.

Blue Solitude

A sailboat anchored out in Georgetown’s Harbor has a petty blue hull. A slice of marsh behind it.

Anchored Out

Fishing boats and sailboats anchored out in Georgetown’s Harbor. The harbor had a lot of activity on this nice Saturday afternoon.


A sailboat docked in Georgetown harbor. The sail is away and everything else seems to be buttoned up.

Multi-colored Lantana

This multi-colored Lantana displays a very attractive group of colors and is magnetic while surrounded by it’s green support system.

Missing Face

The Rice Museum or Town Clock located on Front Street in Georgetown is missing its clock face currently. Georgetown used to produce almost half of the total rice crop for the US.

Wrap, Not A Burger

Ant orders a ranch chicken wrap from Buzz’s Roost for lunch. He got a side of fries just to tempt everyone else with.

Veggie Time

Carolyn ordered the chef salad for lunch from Buzz’s Roost. Some lighter fare for the hotter afternoon on the rooftop.

Crunchin’ Some Leaves

Freg’s chef salad from Buzz’s Roost for lunch, sans tomatos. The salad was nothing special, however, there was a great view from our rooftop table.

Home Hibachi

Carolyn ordered the steak lo mein hibachi dinner from Tokyo Japanese Restaurant. She ate until it hurt.

Pile it On

Freg and Ant both ordered hibachi chicken from Tokyo Japanese Restaurant for dinner. Good hibachi meal, nothing unique.


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