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Moss And Mosquitoes

When looking at a map of South Carolina and noting its size in relation to its surrounding states, North Carolina and Georgia, it doesn’t seem that it would be only half the size of Georgia and in fact much smaller than North Carolina. When estimating our time in each state before departing on this adventure, we thought a month in all of these states in the south would have been appropriate time. We spent a month in Georgia, slightly less than a month in Alabama, around a month in Tennessee, a bit shy of a month in Georgia, but only two weeks in South Carolina.

“Georgia’s On My Mind”

If you were curious as to whether or not there are still dirt roads in the United States I can without a doubt confirm this with a yes.  There were many red clay roads we passed on our two-lane routes also we witnessed cars covered in red dust who travel these roads frequently.  The small towns we passed through seem to operate in the old school manner.  Nobody is in a rush, it’s too hot to rush, everyone knows everyone, and there are a few local establishments that every town member frequents.  If you happen to pass through one of these towns on Sunday you won’t find a lot of places open, as Sunday is still observed as a day of rest.  It’s kind of nice to witness this simple slower pace of life where God and family remain the center focus; it sort of slows you down and makes you reflect on your priorities.  

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